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Kako postati milijonar? Investirajte v AirPod!

Slovenski AirPod (APOD) je, kot pišejo na spletni strani, eno najbolj profitabilnih in stabilnih podjetij s pasivnim kripto dohodkom na svetu (v originalu “One Of The World’s Most Profitable And Stable Businesses With Passive Crypto-Income”).

Letalski potniki, ki čakajo na naslednji let, velikokrat prebijejo več ur na neudobnih sedežih v čakalnicah. Odgovor na naraščajoče potrebe po bolj intimnih prostorih za nekajurni počitek tako na letališčih kot v drugih javnih prostorih je slovenski startup projekt Airpod v obliki sodobno oblikovane kapsule.

Direktor ZračneKapsule Grega Mrgole zatrjuje, da bodo s svojo pametno rešitvijo transformirali potovalno industrijo in industrijo dremanja.

V ZračniKapsuli že pripravljajo IKO – datum pričetka bodo objavili kmalu™. Gre za investicijsko priložnost desetletja, ki je ne smete zamuditi. Na spletni strani so objavili kalkulator bodočih dobičkov:

projekcija dobicka
V kolikor boste v AirPod investirali 10000 evrov, boste v zgolj petih letih postali milijonar.

Kaj še čakate?

2 thoughts on “Kako postati milijonar? Investirajte v AirPod!

  1. APOD token, Is a Financial Fraud of APOD Technologies.

    Economic situation in the world and EU economy are quite fragile, unstable. People are afraid and want to have something that can rely on. Something that is not a liability of some other person or institution. The payment of retirement is the obligation of State Fund (that is somebody else), that can in difficult times decide not to pay (whole or a part) of retirement. That is very common in the USA and even some EU countries when there is a payment from different insurance or private funds. And retirement can also not maintain a full purchasing power (for one EUR you may get less and less bread).
    That is why I bought some silver, at company APOD Technologies Ltd (AirPod Sleeping Pod), (, that is registered in Estonia and holds a bank account at bank Paysera in Lithuania. I get an invoice. APOD promised a delivery in 14 days. I have paid a purchase price in full with one transfer from my bank. Today is more than 3 months and I am still waiting. I have no silver and have no money.
    All the funds are in APOD on their Lithuanian bank Paysera, which they received from my account.
    The owner of the APOD is Mr. Gregor Mrgole and a leading team are all persons from Slovenia. APOD is in general focused on project of production of rooms (napping pods or office pods) for spending time when on the airport. But they also supply the silver coins or bars.
    Company is two years old, and composed from very young persons, that has very shalow references in the field of airport well being and airport transportation and logistics at all. They have some persons that promote marketing approach of those pods, and they are also titled as advisors (persons that loan their names…). APOD wants to get financing of international institutions. EU is already the financier, but they are looking also for EBRD and other private funds financing. But when you look CVs of owners, directors and advisors, they mostly mention many last positions and posts that they actually never had, at certain institutions (i.e. Mrs. Tina Osojnik, position in legaladvisory), or they lack the references, that we will expect from a company that is focused on so important time of many persons.
    Mr. Gregor Mrgole has some short experience in crypto money and he also founded the company Aioli Pharma Ltd. In Bristol UK, that does not exist any more. Now he has a company BC Tge Solutions Ltd. from February 2019, connected with APOD.
    He is predominantly in creating network of off-shore companies within European Union, where there is no formal legal obligations between them, with no responsibilities of management, with their businesses among different countries.
    Mrs. Tina Osojnik ( and is in last few days and weeks substantially changed her CV. She quoted that she has been working on the project of EBRD, but Mr. Rohan Schaap from EBRD is saying that this is a lie. She listed that was a member of a Intellectual Property Committee at AmCham in Slovenia for more years — this was also completely removed, after the letter to a director of AMCham (Mrs. Ajša Vodnik) and Chargé d’Affaires of the USA Embassy Mr. Gautam Rana in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She also quoted that she is Vice-President of the Council of the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency for a time of last 6 years. That also was lie, after the notification of the current Agency director Mr. Andrj Matvoz. From that day there were listed new companies, that reality I have not watched in such detail. Mrs. Tina Osojnik is in business relations with many very influential persons — i.e. Mr. Sandi Češko, who on her home page publicly announced a reference about her good work. And such persons are the most important in legal security of a company. Legal security of the company against their clients and suppliers?
    Before my research (few weeks back) the financial director of the APOD was Mr. David Orešković (šković-792184136). When they saw that I am researching them, they have moved his name from the company leading team of APOD. It look like that he has not finished the faculty jet, he worked in two crypto companies Cryptocro and Explore&Enjoy, before that he was in B2Team, collected donations for CARITAS and worked as a caretaker in Zagreb ZOO.
    Other main team players of APOD were not part of my detailed research. But young persons have in very short period of time worked in very uncommon businesses (i.e. selling of the eating oil and other).
    How can a young person, as all of them are, in such short period of time get so much of theoretical knowledge and experience in such focused matters. And how can you get international contacts and influence in big international banks, companies and funds, that you can supply financing from?
    How can a company that has two years working time, enters big international fairs (i.e. Dubai show at the end of April), has a related network of companies and bank accounts around whole Europe, can easily get financing of EU and private funds?
    We have an extremely well organized criminal group of companies which is there for its own benefit, not for benefit of their customers.
    Why a so many of different state institutions in different countries of EU do not make any real reaction? How persons like Mr. Gregor Mrgole and Mrs. Tina Osojnik and others, that willfully lend their names), who lie about their achievements, lie about the financial position of their companies and destroys assets of small investors and savers, how are they still walking free?
    Do we have such very complicated system of public compulsory institutions (police, bureaus, agencies, judiciary) just for the aim to loos a responsibility of them and that criminal offenders can walk free? Is all that even necessary, as there is no real benefit, when there is still time to act?
    This is all just contrary, of what we want.
    Why company that is producing the napping pods also sells silver? But they can not supply silver. And they dont want to return the funds invested. What are their new promises about real estate investments in airport pods?
    Why there is no responsibility to persons, who work and their savings move all those investment “game” for them? Is there nobody that will accept the punishment? Why APOD do not want to take responsibility, but is instead improving its appearance on internet portals and digital CVs and references?
    Local police in Estonia announced itself for incompetent, despite APOD has a legal person and has businesses with its assets sovereign, although from Slovenia. (Similarly as neutral Switzerland in its fear against Germany did in II. war).
    Are there no any moral norms and responsibility? Is this a war of all, against all? (T.Hobbes, 1651)

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